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Dec 30, 2015

MARCROME is a superior hard chrome plated steel bar renowned for its strength, smoothness and its corrosion and wear resistance. MARCROME is used primarily as piston rod material in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment operating in conditions of high stress, abrasive and corrosive environments. The powerful performance, weldability and machinability of MARCROME is second to none – the perfect solution for piston, hydraulic and pneumatic applications. These features are synonymous with: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, superior mechanical strength, fine dimensional tolerances, and a smooth surface. These features ensure offers longevity and performance every time.

Milltech’s ongoing capital expenditure to upgrade its Continuous Chrome Plating process means it is now able to offer the full 19 – 152.4mm Ø range produced by this process.

The continuous plating process employed by Milltech represents the newest and most advanced technology in Chrome Plating.

Unlike the clamping system generally used globally, the through feed plating process is a true continuous process which together with axial rotation of the bars through the plating bath ensures perfectly concentric deposition of chrome. This eliminates the problems of ovality and the “dog bone” effect that can occur with other processes.

We are now able to offer lengths to 7.5m as standard with longer lengths available on enquiry.

Full adoption of this advanced technology will ensure Milltech Martin Bright’s ongoing role as the leader in the supply of chrome bar in Australia.